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Cross the boundaries of yourself. Today, the distance got shorter.

Many people, from Israel and abroad choose to go through the process at any convenient time by phone / Skype after prior coordination


Individual emotional therapy 

T he process is right for you!

For the one who wants to care of himself/hersel f

Guidance for Better

Special spiritualwork that cannot be implemented in any other 


Guidance for Parents

To achieve mutual understanding of children you must put yourself in their place and let them grow from there  

Focused Professional Guidance

New opportunities get to open before you

Women empowerment workshops

A rare opportunity to get to know yourself and your nature  

"Beyond your capabilities, this is your approach to life, and believe on it. You know how to enter the secrets of the soul already from the start (compared to a psychologist that needs to investigate for a year to begin to understand)… there is no explanation to that .

One day it will be easy for me .

I will say “Elizabeth” and people will immediately understand me"

Y.B. Group Therapy, Tel Aviv

"… good morning Elizabeth

I was unable to sleep last night; I was so full of energy .

This story was a big issue and after the meeting, yesterday, suddenly I felt that there is more room and I felt well; and after that, I have been smiling the entire week ,

So thank you…and have a great day" :)

R.S. Artist, Tel Aviv

Contact Elizabeth directly


An introductory meeting of 20 minutes,
no commitments and  free of charge


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